Today I present to you all the EP that has been blasting out of my car stereo (and therefore forced upon my passengers) for the past week.

Streets We’re Born In is the debut EP from Kingston upon Hull based indie rock band FRONTEERS. Aside from the fact that all of the band members are under the age of 20, FRONTEERS have only been gigging for a year, making these 4 tracks all the more impressive.

So let’s break this thing down shall we?

Kicking things off we have the lead single from the EP “Full Moon” which boasts a crunchy guitar riff which comfortably carries you through the song. “Full Moon” clearly points to the band’s musical influences, the most obvious being indie rock messiahs Arctic Monkeys. Streets We’re Born In shows us that FRONTEERS have the ability to complement their influences, rather than purely mimic them, a skill that is greatly underrated.

Following this we have “Hear It In The Rainfall” which is my least favourite track from the EP. I feel it sort of brings things down a bit following the explosive entry which is “Full Moon” – nonetheless “Hear It In The Rainfall” is still a good track (or I wouldn’t be playing it in my car) which has an attention-provoking vocal hook in the middle of an emotion-driven chorus.

Now we hit the second half of Streets We’re Born In – which for me is the turning point of this EP. The last two tracks are so exceptionally written that it makes you question how such talent has come from a band whose members are still in their teens.

“Nothing’s Ever That Simple” is the anthem of the EP and by far my favourite track. Punchy, upbeat and brimming with character the chorus’ are simply huge, filled with compelling lead lines and uplifting harmonies. It’s an instant mood lifter and in my opinion should have been the lead single… I’m honestly not sure why it isn’t! It’s far more deserving of the title than “Full Moon”

Closing the EP we have the title track “Streets We’re Born In” which showcases FRONTEERS’ most sincere work. The track as a whole is quite eerie and features very raw, thought-provoking lyrics that could have the potential to bring comfort to individuals in a dark place. The lyrics are complemented by stunning harmonies and a crescendo of emotion as the song progresses, bringing the EP to a solid close.

Blended harmonies, crunchy guitars and strict, stiff percussion are what FRONTEERS used to make Streets We’re Born In. These ingredients are what make the EP so damn powerful and when combined make you sit up and take notice of what you are listening to. FRONTEERS aren’t just a young band who are trying their hardest to sound like every other indie rock band you’d find at your average music festival. They have something fresh about them. Furthermore, their ability to showcase a powerful anthem and then one track later deliver a raw, lyrically driven piece makes me very keen to see what they do next.


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